There have been and always will be events that are disturbing and frightening.  Best to stay calm and be sensible and don’t panic.  Let your family know how you are feeling and offer and accept their support and love.


Getting unnecessarily anxious isn’t good coping.  It is important to recognize that if you follow best practices of hand washing and social distancing, you will minimize risks.  And then take care of yourself by finding an activity at home that brings you pleasure.  It may be reading or watching a movie or knitting. Take a walk outside and appreciating your neighborhood’s natural beauty.  Perhaps you will see something you’ve not noticed before – a neighbor’s garden, a family out walking their dog – and wave to them from across the street. Phone conversations and Skyping are good ways to keep connected with family and friends.  Though this may feel lonely at times, take deep breaths and remember you are your own best friend.