Barbara Green, MSW, LICSW has broad experience developing continuing education programs for professionals in the aging & disability fields. She has taught courses in advanced practice for social workers & has developed curricula on normal aging changes & family caregiving. She has been in clinical practice in care for older adults both in community & residential settings for more than 20 years, and has a specialized knowledge of dementia care. Her recent clinical work involves leading therapeutic groups for individuals experiencing late-life depression & anxiety whose aim is to explore the changes & life transitions experienced by older adults.

A note about this column from Barbara:

“We each have strong opinions about how to travel this next chapter. Our relationship seems to shift each time some new facet of Dearie’s aging occurs or decisions need to be made. Listen to us both as we reflect on your questions, give our takeaway lessons and hope that we’re all learning from each other.”

You can learn more about Barbara’s practice, primarily serving the Seattle area, at